Odyssey to the Heart

Odyssey to the Heart explores the topic of true contentment and provides a poignant call to slow down and change direction in life.  Using an absorbing narrative approach, Panagides puts us into the mind of a middle-aged, divorced, and unemployed man who encounters colorful characters on a train ride.  Through dialogues with these fellow travelers, he realizes that he has to change his entire mindset from faster and more to slower and less.


Thales Panagides

Inspiring Author

Thales Panagides provides an inward journey that springs from his own diverse experiences in different cultures. Born in Ames Iowa, Thales earned an MBA and had aspirations for a lucrative career. But a trip to Brazil sent his life in a very different direction. What was meant to be a short stay turned into a ten-year odyssey. He founded Brazilian Bikinis and Brazilian Fashion Fitness, two ecommerce businesses. In 2008, he relocated to Cyprus with his wife and two daughters and now lives on this idyllic island in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Book Presentation Speech

What do a mirror, a bald head, a cemetery, a butterfly and Brazil have in common with love?